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Blog posts December 2018

The Enemy Within: Shadows Over Bogenhafen (S1E4)

(Johann's journal; Originally posted 23 Jul 2018) 

We were holed up in the Crossed Pikes, the really, erm, let's say suspicious inn. The first idea we had was to lay low and pass enough time so that we could walk the streets without notice. Time was of the essence, however, so Wanda went to a te…

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Bootleggers (one-shot)

Today (6 Aug 2016) I ran a one-shot of Bootleggers by +John Harper, for two players. A grand time was had by all.

Rules stuff:
I reduced the level threshold to 4 scores in order to get to more of the good stuff in our single session (the episode concluded with a daring smuggling run to hit level…

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Mutant Year Zero (session 1)

We rejoin the mutants on their expedition to the Science Place in sector F18 - after the spider fight; the fixer Enrique (a dandy fellow who wears a formal jacket over his hoodie) caught up with the group. 
Diego insisted on sleeping before moving on. Guillermo made a tent.  It started to get da…

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The Enemy Within: Shadows Over Bogenhafen (S1E3)

GM notes (posted 9 July 2018) 

A quick GM-report from Saturday:
- The PCs arrived in Bogenhafen, met some people, bought stuff, got a drunk dwarf out of the stocks, saw a freak show.
- Wanda went to find a bookseller but got turfed out of the fancy jousting area
- A goblin escaped from …

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The Enemy Within (S1E2)

Originally posted 30 June 2018

Werner here, I want to say my piece on what happened today.  Harbull is writing.  After defeating the Valentina guards, we moved towards their main hideout.  They were quickly trying to pack up their things and escape.  They assumed we were members and directed the …

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Mutant: Year Zero (session 0)

So what have we got? 

Player characters: 

Ines the Dog Handler (puppeteer) 

Guillermo the Gearhead (human magnet) 

Miguel the Enforcer (pyrokinetic) 

Diego the Stalker (manbeast, rot-eater) 


Because I wanted to get into using the dice system and trying out the core gameplay in this o…

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The Enemy Within (S1E1)

(Posted 24 June 2018) 

Johann Dasbuut speaking. Wanda's writing, I'm telling it. Will try to make this brief, we need to get moving soon.

Got off boat to Nuln, a large city famed for its industry, and by the time we got through several officials on the port it had reached night. Couldn't fin…

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