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Blog posts February 2019

The Enemy Within: Death on the Reik (S2E14)

Captain's Log, 26th of Summerzeit, 2512.

I was doing my usual yawning and stretching in the ray of morning sunshine that had crept into the Shooting Star Inn. Although I was and still am regrettably in Wittgendorf, things seemed a, well, let's say a good shade of optimistic. The weather was fine,…

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Revolution Comes to the Kingdom: Fastnesses

"At the Town There Was a Vanity Fair Kept", Byam Shaw, 1907


A fastness is one of eight strategic, fortified locations in the kingdom. Each fastness corresponds to one of the Eight Evil Thoughts: gluttony, greed, sloth, sorrow, lust, anger, vainglory, and pride. While a fastness may be cap…

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The Enemy Within: Death on the Reik (S2E13)

Captain's Log, 25th of Summerzeit, 2512.

Wittgendorf is a miserable place. The first step off our vessel brought us into a ferocious wave of wretched and needy beggars, tugging and pawing for whatever food and coin you might have. I handed one a silver shilling and the pack turned their hungr…

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DVD extras: Dark Eden Source Book for Mutant Chronicles.

(Basically writing this stuff down so that I don't forget it.)

p17 Xeno-Ys - I suspect the name is inspired by Xenoyr, one of the singers in the progressive metal band Ne Obliviscaris, whom I had recently seen in concert at the time of writing.

p18 Into the Labyrinth - derived from Jason Co…

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