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Blog posts March 2019

The Enemy Within: Carrion Up the Reik pt 2 (S3E02)

Illustration: Nosferatu Zodd by vee209

Captain's Log, 10th of Vorgeheim, 2513.

Without a boat we were sitting ducks. Well, even ducks could swim all the way there! All we could do at that moment is gaze at the stars and lament the vessel that had helped smite the warpstone conspiracy. I…

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The Enemy Within: Carrion Up the Reik (S3E01)

Captain's Log, 29th of Summerzeit, 2513.

Well, shite.

I leave the Devil May Care for a year and a day and this happens.

The morning began with Werner, The One, Renate, Wolfgang and I arriving in Kemperbad to rendezvous with our ship's doctor, Harbull. It was good to see them all again, and …

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The Enemy Within: Death on the Reik (S2E17)

Music and Musings, 28th of Summerzeit, 2512. 

Today has contained both great tragedies and yet spectacular new friends and opportunities! I ruminated in my chamber on how to refine my attempts at the beautiful Tilean melody "Il Bruciore Della Passione". It is a favourite of mine, albeit the chor…

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The Enemy Within: Death on the Reik (S2E16)

Testimony of Captain Gertrude Grolsch regarding the Incident that occurred at Wittgendorf in Sommerzeit 2512.

Yes, I was on deck at the time we passed the Castle von Wittgenstein.  It was the middle of the night, a little after midnight. So the early hours of the 28th. We were sailing after dark be…

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The Enemy Within: Death on the Reik (S2E15)

Captain's Log, 27th of Summerzeit I think, 2512.

The time for the arranged dinner with the Wittgensteins drew near. Preparations had to be made. Suits of plate armour? On the ship. Perfume? On the ship. Fancy clothes? Never even touched a fine pair of socks, let alone a whole suit. The best we co…

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