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Blog posts May 2019

The Enemy Within: Power Behind the Throne – Too Close for Comfort (S3E07)

Captain's Log, 23rd of Vorgeheim, 2513.

Seventy two gold crowns are in my possession. Haven't had so much money since... Bogenhafen, perhaps? I would pay much more than that to forget what I was subjected to yesterday. Ah, it's all for Sigmar in the end and perhaps the heavens will recognize …

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ItO-inspired injuries for games in the style of The Water Margin

Here follows a 'heroic injuries' system for when a Player Character hits 0HP in OSR games. It was designed for use in my Water Margin game of Blueholme. It creates situations more akin to those that befall the heroes of the novel and, as Chris McDowall has noted, a wounded party member is dramat…

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The Enemy Within: Power Behind the Throne – The Graf's Champion (S3E06)

Captain's Log, 22nd of Vorgeheim, 2513.

I'm currently leaning against our loyal steed Dennis. There's a bit of a lull in the garden party so I'm taking the chance to record this. Harbull has decided to try to win the affections of Petra so The One will be writing this down instead. Dennis is …

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The Enemy Within: Power Behind the Throne – You Are Feeling Sleepy (S3E05)


Captain's Log, 21st of Vorgeheim, 2513.

Our drinking had returned us to the morning warmth of the Templar's Arms. Al had brought his good friend Rallane Laffarel, the court musician, to join us in our usual quaffing. From my conversations along the Reik, I had been taught to believe tha…

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BLOCK BY BLOCK, Design Diary 3

One of the useful things about playtesting online is that it can bring into sharp relief a friction that is easy to paper over at a face-to-face table. The reverse can also be true. 

I ran the first session of a four-part BLOCK BY BLOCK playtest over Google Hangouts last night. I'm still pondering…

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The Enemy Within: Power Behind the Throne – Beer Festival (S3E04)

Captain's Log, 20th of Vorgeheim, 2513.

Elfin vintage is good for the tongue and throat, really gets you talking. Happily got through last night because of it. My head however, is an entirely different story. I know you, the fine person reading this journal, always expect a tale both true to …

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