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The Enemy Within: Death on the Reik (S2E6)

(posted by the GM, not an in-character journal entry, on 6 Nov 2018) 

Session recap S2E6: The Devil May Care (or perhaps the Bloody Windfall) sails upriver from Castle Reikgard, five days of slow going against the current.

En route our crew encounter a nobles' party barge. The drunken aristos have a fun game: grabbing peasants from the riverbank and throwing them in the water to see how long they float for. The PCs rescue the peasants but decide against bringing retribution on the culprits.

At length, our heroes arrive in Kemperbad, a wealthy trade town on top of a towering cliff -- a plethora of lifts and winches bring people and cargo up from the river to the town.

In the city, the crew suspect the newly-arrived Imperial Plenipotentiary might be Chaos-y but he seems to be on the up and up. He's just there to work out how to make the town pay more tax to the Empire.

At any rate, Renate does a good job of selling the cargo of wine, and the crew makes a tidy profit!

Harbull studies medicine for several days with a slightly dodgy doctor called Max "the Knife" Schnippmesser and is now a Physician.

Werner buys some armoured trousers.

To be continued...

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