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The Enemy Within: Death on the Reik (S2E17)

Music and Musings, 28th of Summerzeit, 2512. 

Today has contained both great tragedies and yet spectacular new friends and opportunities! I ruminated in my chamber on how to refine my attempts at the beautiful Tilean melody "Il Bruciore Della Passione". It is a favourite of mine, albeit the chorus section is incredibly difficult. I imagine that Sergio Palazzo wrote this for proficient hands but he couldn't have possibly imagined hands like mine! I looked up from my music sheet and realized that flames were creeping into the room. Horrified, I grabbed my music sheets and this journal and fled as fast as my legs would allow. Oh to lose my beloved harpsichord and little friends from far away so suddenly! I looked back one last time at my family's castle. The flames were engulfing it and only now do the tears flow. 'Tis is a strange thing, how danger can make you hide your emotions and then strike you like a killer in the night. This must have been the work of Magritte and her bizarre experiments. I shall never claim to be perfectly delicate with my own work but she, she was reckless in the most dangerous of arts! I wish that I had warned her tenfold, despite her protestations. I looked to the temple of Sigmar for safety and guidance, hoping perhaps that others might have sought its sanctuary.

I was correct, albeit they were not the exact sort I expected. I could hear the various sounds of salacious acts being performed inside. Despite my disgust, perishing in the flame did not seem sporting so I opened the door gingerly and stepped inside. 

"Hello, is anybody there?" 

"ARGH!" Screamed a tall and distressed mustachioed man.

I implored them to not be alarmed, despite my appearance, and introduced myself. They calmed down after a moment and in short time I had made four new friends. Joha- Captain Dasbuut, the shaken but well meaning fellow. Werner, the giant but friendly marine. Wanda, a very lovely and intelligent if short-tempered young witch and Harbull, a small but enthusiastic child. Oh, silly me, I must remember to call her The One. They accepted me as part of their crew with open arms. I was delighted, although the deaths of my many cockroaches was of course a heavy burden. We went under the temple using the stairs and I was provided a light and guarded as soon as I told them that I feared the darkness. I was truly blessed. Not even my own servants were this attentive and friendly! 

Good Lord, it was the dungeons! It had been a very long time since I had seen this place. We found a room with an open lead box and could hear squeaking and high-pitched chattering beyond. It sounded, peculiarly, like mice conversing like a man. My friends were visibly upset by this and quickly planned to chase down and recover "the stone". It was explained to me later that the stone was brought here by Dagmar himself, and was the reason for all of these... changes. They wished to not only obtain the stone but also reclaim their ship, "The Devil May Care". The One found a secret way out of this room through some form of magical detection. In the eastern tunnel nearby we saw three horrible rat fellows, as tall as men and armed! Thankfully, I had nothing to fear. The One slew one with a conjured flame and then our captain and marine charged in and cut down another. The final one fled, claiming that we had failed and that his clan were great engineers. The tunnels started rumbling and I sadly had no doubt about it. The marine and our captain returned, warning us to flee from a gas bomb that had just been hurled. I lead them to the boathouse below.

Four guards were there, greatly confused by what was happening. The captain tried to reason with them but to no avail. However, as things seemed grim I found a way to help my fellow crew! I stepped forward and spoke with the guards. Although they would not recognize my face, I was sure my voice would do the trick. Indeed it did, as they knew me and I in turn recognized Victor, Albrecht, Kurt and Klaus. We prepared the ship and were ready to set sail. Victor and Albrecht were sent to recover the equipment the crew had lost. They took longer than expected and we were forced to set sail lest we be crushed by the falling rocks. The last thing we heard were their cries from the boat house being cut short. It was a tremendous pity, but it was the best we could do. 

I looked tearfully back at my crumbling home but my crew were quick to raise my spirits. After briefly describing my aptitudes and skills, I had been accepted as the ship's historian! I have been given a cabin to myself and Kurt and Klaus have also been given their own room. Best of all, the crew has promised me that they will carry out an incredible plan: to sneak me, in a devilish disguise, into an opera in Middenheim! We brought back on board two more members of the crew, Renate and Wolfgang, and after the initial screams they have been very kind to me. 

Rest in peace my small friends, I can assure you that I will write the most wonderful symphony in tribute! 

As always,

Ludwig von Wittgenstein.

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