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The Enemy Within: Power Behind the Throne – The Graf's Champion (S3E06)

Captain's Log, 22nd of Vorgeheim, 2513.

I'm currently leaning against our loyal steed Dennis. There's a bit of a lull in the garden party so I'm taking the chance to record this. Harbull has decided to try to win the affections of Petra so The One will be writing this down instead. Dennis is a funny looking creature called an elephant. I've never seen one before so I'll give you a quick description. Think like a bear that's... no, that's terrible. Four legged, grey skinned, tough like thick leather. It has tusks like a boar but a big nose that... Okay. So a big grey mutant boar with leathery skin, giant ears and a nose like a long rope that is flexible like a tail. It's not from the Chaos wastes up north but it sounds like it. I do like Dennis a lot though. He's been dressed like one of those roaming bounty hunters: wide brimmed hat, poncho, the whole set. Surprised that they haven't given him a mock pistol.

You know how the start of every festival day goes. We tracked down the tavern where Dieter was hypnotized. Can't remember the name for the life of me. Let's call it "The Angry Halfling". It was a place for nobles and very wealthy merchants. It soon hit us like a hammer when we learned of the prices. Emmanuelle Schlagen and Petra were engaging in gossip at a table near the back. I let The One and Harbull speak with them. Harbull has a good way with words when drunk and The One... always brings an interesting topic to the table. Rolf, the owner of the place, was a good fellow and straight to the point. He hadn't really noticed or seen Charlotte after that fateful day. She had made herself very inconspicuous. Worse, we couldn't even figure out the exact date, as Dieter frequently booked a private table. At least Rolf brought us some fine wine to enjoy.

That briefly lifted my spirits. I returned to tell the crew of my findings and both Petra and Emmanuelle had left disgusted. Our best leads at this point seemed to be either Sparson or Goebbels. I had discussed the latter with The One and she speculated that he could be one of the Wittgensteins. Part of me hopes so, most of that wretched clan deserves swift and brutal justice. I was offered a chance to partake in the archery tourney but they had confused me with a bowman, not a boatman. We continued to drink heavily and met Luigi along the way. He was delighted with life and shared his joy with two local women. Told us that the Chancellor was heavily repressed nowadays. Acted very strangely. Interesting. I'm starting to think he might just be very odd rather than aligned with Chaos.

Schlagen mentioned that Gotthard was a weird sex person, which sounds exactly like the carnal worship we discovered back in Castle Wittgenstein. Werner finally appeared from a crowd like it was a mist. Along with two exhausted heralds. They asked for his name and explained that they had run all over Middenheim after him. He was needed at the Champion's Arena in about ten minutes. Werner took it well but immediately caught on to my prior deed of signing him up for battle. My job there was done, and my confidence in his fighting ability was high.

In the mad rush to the arena, I advised him on being careful of Dieter's defense and to aim for the joints and limbs. Man was hardier than Werner but not as strong. Both contestants arrived, long swords were chosen, greetings were exchanged, and a small nervous man quickly struck a bell. I bet 18 crowns on Werner with Harbull. Dieter forced a heavy strike towards our marine but it was evaded with a swift roll towards the champion's flank. The second blow of Dieter's failed to connect and Werner gave two quick blows to his sword arm and ribs. The champion was winded briefly and shocked. Disaster nearly struck when the champion retaliated with strikes to the stomach and head. Lesser warriors would have fallen but Werner's helmet and scarred form weathered them well. Finally, after several close calls, Werner swung his blade in a cruciform pattern and sundered the champion's shield. Dieter was lain low and a new champion had emerged! Harbull was greatly displeased.

It was a blur of celebrations after that. He was given a silver medallion, a golden cup and a chance to defend the title. Werner was also quietly invited to the garden party. It was at this point that we remembered that there was going to be an elephant show, courtesy of "Barnumble". We decided to rent an elephant to make an impression at the party. Barnumble turned out to be that fellow with the three legged goblin back in Bogenhafen. I can't blame him for switching attractions, mutant goblins would get witch hunters knocking on your door in no time. That's how we got our good friend Dennis here. Werner and I guided him to the party while Harbull and The One rode the mighty beast above. I think everyone politely ran out of the way. That was nice. We had to stable Dennis at the party but we had definitely made our entrance. We got masks but it wasn't much of a disguise. Ar-Ulric could be spotted a mile away, Al the elf stuck out like a sore thumb, and so on. So far, we've only talked shite about taxes.

I'm going to return to the party soon and speak to Gotthard. I've just got to confirm that he's a Wittgenstein and pleasure cultist, and then we can find and destroy his damn order.

Blessed Sigmar, guide me towards the evil so I may remove it from this land.

  • Johann Dasbuut.

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